ONE HOPE is the name of "An International Tabloid Published to Promote Understanding and Peace." The first issue is out, 44 pages of "Bearing Witness Concerning the Truth." It is sent forth "in support of all who seek peace and follow Christ to become peacemakers." Perhaps it is fair to say that the primary purpose of this comes from deep concern about the highly volatile crisis in the Middle East Scriptures relative to that situation and its total effect upon the world.

The larger part of the Protestant world, in this country at least, believes that the 1948 establishment of the nation of Israel is in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. The teaching is that everything is shaping up for the second coming of Christ, at which time Christ will establish an earthly kingdom on this earth and for 1000 years will reign over the world from His throne in Jerusalem, This is a part of the religious system (scheme) or doctrine called "premillennialism." (Do you really know what that system - teaching - really is?')

In ONE HOPE you will find a lot of historical and current information about the situation in the Mid-East. Also, an abundance of teaching about Biblical prophesy, "the promised land," the second coming of Christ, and all related matters. It is a matter of great and grave importance. The tabloid claims to be "pro-Jewish and pro-Arab." The people responsible for this paper are from various religious backgrounds, but the principal editor is from the Church of Christ.

I urge you to order the first issue and read it, which will be no little task, since it is crammed full of good information. Address: One Hope Publications, 2113 National Press Building, Washington, D. C. 20015. The price is $2 for the one issue. THANKS! In recent weeks readers of the Examiner have sent in hundreds of new names to receive the paper. It shows your interest in this work, but especially your deep concern for sharing with brothers and sisters in Christ the opportunity to receive this paper for a free "trial period." This allows each one to determine if he/she would like to continue to receive it. Many do, some don't. It is their choice. It is not for everyone. If you are a new reader and want this paper to continue coming to you, then you must return the enclosed card with your name and address requesting it to continue. We hope that you will join us and study these vital matters.

Please continue to send the names and addresses of Christians wherever they are and as many as you will. Let's give them all a chance to decide for themselves if they want the paper or not.

THE SIMPLE ENGLISH BIBLE (NT): Stanley Morris, a recognized scholar in Greek, Hebrew, and in translation work, is the principal translator of this Bible. Other brethren were involved, along with some help from other language scholars. It is called "Simple" because it is just that--easy to read and understand. The translation takes some "getting used to" because it does not read or sound "Bible--like." It has eliminated many of the long, involved, hard-to-understand sentences. It leaves out many of the ecclesiastical words, like "church," for example. It is great for children and young people; and older folk as well. You should have--and use--this translation in your study.

BOOK OFFER (No. 3): THE THEFT OF A NATION, by William W. Baker, a Christian. Is the establishment of the Israeli Nation in Palestine a fulfillment of Bible prophesy? Are the events in the Mid-East a sign that the second coming of Christ is drawing near? What is the trouble in that area all about? Baker gives the background, the facts about what has been and is happening, what it all means, and why there is so much trouble over the world because of "The Theft of a Nation." Who are the Jews, the real descendents of Abraham? Baker discusses Bible prophesy, "The Promised Land," and the nature of Zionism. I urge you to study this book with your Bible in your hand. You need to know the truth on these vital matters.