A Contrast

God's Elders


Modern Elders/Church Officials

1. Take heed to the flock


1. Take heed to the budget/business

2. Shepherd the flock of God


2. Shepherd "all the final decision "

3. Watch out for your souls


3. Watch out for the body corporate

4. Overseers of the flock


4. Overseers of all Organizational Activities, Building, Money .

5. Support the weak


5. Direct the functional entity .

6. Pastor, teach, tend, preach


6. Hire and fire "The Pulpit Minister"

7. "Rule," by leading the disciples


7. Rule the Institution as the Board of Directors

8. Have no power and authority save in their example, competence, and influence.


8. Claim full power and authority of Christ

9. Are in no way "lords " over those entrusted to their care.


9. To rebel against the Eldership is to rebel against Christ.

10. "Rule" by love, service, and example.


10. Rule as duly constituted officials

11. They are on equal standing with us, but make themselves servants of all


11. Exalted to RANK or Overlord Position

12. Are caring for people - "tend My Sheep"


12. Are NOT Pastors, Teachers, Shepherds of flock